Main Line
Burlington Northern
Union Pacific
Trailer-on-Truck service and switching
available everyday.

Short Line
There is an interchange line in the city for all railroads.

Interstates: 40,55
US Highways: 61, 63, 64, 70,77,79

Airport Services
The Terminal is staffed from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., 7 days a week to park and fuel aircraft. For the convenience of our business traveler, conference room facilities are available; as well as classroom space for 50. We provide a full line of concierge services including rental cars, limos, hotel accommodations, and catering. As an added convenience, we offer two after-hour fueling options: line technicians are on call 24-hrs/day, 365 days/years; and a self-service Avgas dispenser is located on the north end of the ramp.

Airport Facilities
6,003' concrete Runway 17/35, full parallel taxiway, and 56,000 sq. yds. of aircraft parking apron. Designated Reliever to Memphis International Airport Hangers available for single-engine aircraft up to business jets. ILS,GPS,NDB,PAPI, and VOR/DME navigational aids. On-field ASOS reports current weather conditions 24-hr./da.

Pilot Planning Room and Private Pilot Lounge.

West Memphis Municipal Airport
737 S. Airport Rd.

Nearest commercial service: Memphis International Airport.... 18 miles.

Rivers: Mississippi River
Facilities: At the port of West Memphis there is a terminal facility which has a 100 ton loading capacity.