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Brief introduction of mining hole sealer

Time: 2018-11-02 Browsing: 657 times
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Detailed description

Hole sealer is a sealing device for coal seam gas drainage and coal seam water injection drilling hole. According to the purpose, it can be divided into gas drainage hole sealer and coal seam water injection hole sealer. Mine plugging devices belong to the latter.


Why use a mine sealer? That is because coal mining occurs when production conditions are backward, and it has not been scientifically recognized that there are still a large number of dangerous factors that can cause safety accidents in underground ore bodies, such as gas, carbon monoxide, and water bodies, which can cause safety accidents, resulting in a large number of Casualties and unnecessary losses. As people gradually realized the danger, safety equipment for mining came into being. One of them is the mine sealer.

It consists of a high-pressure rubber expansion hose, a safety valve, and a quick connector. The purpose is to reduce the safety risk of ore body production. There are uses for coal water injection, dust reduction, coal pressure reduction, coal cracking, and gas emission.

The mining hole sealer has the following five functions:

First, moisture enters the coal body, releasing part of the gas, reducing the gas content of the coal body;

2. The effect of water injection can reduce the dust by more than 80%, change the working environment of workers, and prevent dust explosion accidents;

3. Wet coal, reduce pyrotechnic products, reduce costs, and increase worker safety;

Fourth, high-pressure water injection, broken coal body;

Fifth, the use of a hole sealer to break coal can prevent coal and gas outburst and explosion.

Based on the above reasons, if you are preparing for ore body operations, be sure to use a mine sealer. If you don't know how to choose, then you may consider the mining hole sealer produced by Zhongqiang Mine . I believe that as a manufacturer, our quality will satisfy you! Learn more: http://wmcoc.com/

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