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What is the principle of the plugging device?

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What is the principle of the plugging device?

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封孔器 但是不了解封孔器的工作原理,封孔器是什么? I believe many of us have heard of hole sealers but do not understand the working principle of hole sealers. What is a hole sealer? In the following, the editor of Zhongqiang Mining Equipment gives us a brief introduction to the principle of the hole sealer.

The plugging device can be understood from the name to be used for plugging. The grouting port of the plugging device is connected to the grouting pump. In fact, it is very simple. After starting the operation, just turn on the grouting pump. The cement slurry enters the high-pressure bladder of the hole sealer, and when the bag expands to a certain degree, the two ends of the hole sealer are blocked. With the continuous grouting, the pressure in the grouting pipe continues to rise. After a certain pressure rises, the blasting valve opens. The cement slurry fills the middle section of the plugger through the blasting valve, thereby achieving two plug-in plugging holes. The principle is like this. If you want to know more about the principle, you can query related information. 河南中强矿山设备科技 的技术人员,赵工:18839751618。 You can also directly contact the technical staff of Henan Zhongqiang Mining Equipment Technology of our company , Zhao Gong: 18839751618.

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