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What are the advantages of mining sealing materials for Zhongqiang mine?

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What are the advantages of mining sealing materials for Zhongqiang mine?

Detailed description

Mine mining is a major mining project in China. Mine sealing materials are sealing materials developed for various types of drilling seals. They are generally composed of multiple components. They are a reliable and environmentally friendly inorganic material. The material will swell, and will have a certain permeability to the surrounding hole wall to ensure a good sealing effect, and it will not shrink in the later stage. Henan Zhongqiang Mining Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. produces and supplies a large number of excellent mining hole sealing materials!

So what are the common application fields of this mining sealing material, and listen to Zhongqiang Mine to share with you!

1. Gas extraction drilling seal

, Gas pressure borehole seal

3. Water injection drilling seal

4. Drilling and sealing of various mines

This type of mining sealing material produced by Henan Zhongqiang Mine is mostly used in the field of mining and sealing. The mining sealing material we produce is essentially non-explosive, low reflection temperature, good sealing performance, and has good The expansion performance is more important because it is cost-effective and much lower than traditional materials. It is a good choice for us to choose sealing materials! Zhongqiang Mine's main mining sealing materials, factory direct sales, high quality and low price, please contact: www.wmcoc.com

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