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Code for correct construction operation of mine hole sealer

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We often use mine hole sealers in operation, but do you know the correct operation method of the hole sealer? Today we invited the staff of Zhongqiang Mine to tell us the correct operation of the plugging device.

Mine Sealer

5 米以上,然后施工工人需要用双手紧握住压风管然后缓慢的开启压风阀门来对钻孔内的杂物进行清扫,但是注意清扫时工人一定要避开孔口。 1. Clean the drilling hole: send the compressed air pipe into the hole for more than 5 meters, and then the construction worker needs to hold the compressed air pipe with both hands and then slowly open the compressed air valve to clean the debris in the hole. , But note that workers must avoid the openings when cleaning.

2. Laying the pipeline: The length of the sealing hole should be determined according to the actual hole depth, the depth of the coal that can be seen, and the requirements of the mine. First, insert the extraction pipe into the pouch at the front of the sealer, and play the front of the pouch. The fixed grouting pipe is fixed to the extraction pipe, and the cable tie at the bag port is fixed to the extraction pipe, and the extraction pipe is connected in order

3. Grouting and sealing: Connect the pipeline, test the pump and pipeline with water, and after confirming that the pump and pipeline are running normally, inject the sealant slurry adjusted by the grouting pump into the sealer. 0.6Mpa 的时候封孔器上的爆破阀破裂然后继续注浆,将压力达到 1.5Mpa 上的时候注浆完成,同时吧注浆管弯折并用扎带扎紧防止浆液回流。 The pump pressure in the early stage of grouting should be reduced. When the grouting pressure reaches 0.6Mpa , the blast valve on the sealer will rupture and then continue to grout. When the pressure reaches 1.5Mpa , the grouting will be completed. Fold and tighten with a cable tie to prevent the slurry from flowing back. Then rinse the pump and tubing with clean water.

4-8 小时,把抽排管外露孔连接到抽放管路上,再用标识牌悬挂在醒目可靠的地方。 4. Combined stubble extraction: 4-8 hours after the slurry is solidified , connect the exposed hole of the extraction pipe to the drainage pipe, and then hang it in a conspicuous and reliable place with a sign.

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