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How much do you know about water injection sealing device

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How much do you know about water injection sealing device

Detailed description

是给煤体注水和降尘的工具,在使用封孔器之后,水分会进入煤体,然后释放一部分的瓦斯,可以降低煤体内的瓦斯含量。 Water injection hole sealer is a tool for injecting water and dust to the coal body. After using the hole sealer, water will enter the coal body and then release part of the gas, which can reduce the gas content in the coal body. 0.8 以上的粉尘,降低粉尘爆炸的事故。 And after the water injection reaches a certain amount, the dust in the coal body can be reduced by more than 0.8 , and the accident of dust explosion can be reduced .

The water injection sealing device is composed of a high-pressure rubber expansion hose, a quick connector and a pressure relief valve. When using a water injection hole sealer, you only need to connect the hole sealer to the water channel on site, insert the hole sealer into the borehole, and under pressure, the rubber pipe of the hole sealer will expand and seal the hole. coal.

The coal seam water injection hole sealer can be used repeatedly for many times. After the pressure is removed, the hole sealer can be restored to its original state, and the hole sealer can be used again next time.

However, it should be noted that when the plugging device is in operation, no one can appear and work in front of the plugging device. It is strictly forbidden to operate under pressure when sending and inserting the plugging device and recycling the sealing device.

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