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What is grouting sealer

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What is grouting sealer

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是我们经常听说的一种施工工具,但是很多人都对它的具体功能和特点并不了解,所以今天我们请来了 中强矿山 的工作人员来讲一讲什么是注浆封孔器。 Grouting sealer is a construction tool we often hear about, but many people do not understand its specific functions and characteristics, so today we invited the staff of Zhongqiang Mine to talk about what is a note Mortar sealing device.

“两堵一注”带压注浆封孔工艺为根本,将注浆管与注浆泵相联通,浆液受到压力之后迅速进入两个囊袋中并将其涨起。 Grouting sealing device is based on the "two plugs and one injection" pressure grouting sealing technology. It connects the grouting tube and the grouting pump. After the slurry is under pressure, it quickly enters the two sacs and seals Rise. After the outer layer of the bag is fastened to the inner wall of the coal seam hole and the inner layer is fastened to the outer diameter of the extraction pipe, the two ends of the hole sealer are sealed to make the pressure value reach the level that the blasting valve can blast. The middle can be filled with slurry to achieve multi-layer pressure sealing. After the grouting is completely solidified, gas drainage is performed through the gas drainage pipe.

The grouting plugging device has the following characteristics: 1. Pressure grouting: The plugging device enables the grouting liquid to drill into the hole wall cracks, and then fills the gaps around the boreholes to reduce the penetration rate and prevent initial channel leakage. Gas; Second, active support: after the grouting, the pouch can support the borehole, so that a high stress area is formed around the hole in the sealing section, which prevents continuous cracks after the hole is sealed and forms a leaking channel; The length of the device can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation of the drilling.

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