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What are the characteristics of the grouting pump

Time: 2019-03-29 Browsing: 596 times
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Detailed description

The grouting pump is mainly composed of a series of products such as solidified foam, rock reinforcement, and water blocking agent. It is suitable for filling gaps in construction sites such as mines, water conservancy, tunnels, buildings, subways, bridges, etc. Grouting pump can be divided into pneumatic grouting pump, electric grouting pump, hydraulic grouting pump. Has the following advantages:

1. The grouting pump has advanced structure, high rated output pressure, large displacement, high efficiency and convenient movement, which is convenient for use and maintenance.

2.Complete functions, both single-component slurry and dual-component slurry can be injected, chemical slurry can be injected, and other slurry such as cement can be injected. Each cylinder runs synchronously, and the mixing ratio can be adjusted. Uniform; the emulsion pump, hydraulic pump, etc. can be used for other purposes.

3. The guarantee of the grouting pump is better. It is suitable for places that are flammable and explosive and have large changes in temperature and humidity.

4. Grouting pump machine can be adjusted according to the different needs of customers. When meeting the special requirements of different flow rates, different pressures and different conveying media, it is free to respond.

5. It can work in three or two cylinders to meet the requirements of 4: 1 or 1: 1 mud mixing ratio. The pump has high pressure and large output flow, which can meet the requirements of high-intensity spraying construction.

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