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What should be paid attention to during grouting

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What should be paid attention to during grouting

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Precautions for grouting :

1. Transport the grouting machine, switch, etc. to the sealing point in advance, and prepare the required sand, cement, iron pipe and other required materials.

2. Sealing material requires cement and fine sand, the ratio is M15.

3. Use a wooden plug to plug the hole for plugging (wood plugs and pipes need to be sealed with raw materials), and then plug the hole. To ensure the quality of the plug, you need to ensure that the length of the plug is not less than 20 meters.

4. The aqueduct is a one-inch half-pipe, and it is necessary to ensure that the cement mortar will not flow out from the one-inch half-pipe. The grouting pipe in the hole is a quadruple pipe with a length of 20 meters.

5. A water pipe must be added to the holes where the water flows through, and the ones without the water flow must be closed, and the closed length should not be less than ten meters.

6. Install guide tube seal and add proper amount of helper to the sealing material.

7. When sealing the hole, there should be technical personnel on site to cooperate, security personnel to the site to carry out quality inspection and shoulder work, and the tile department to carry out construction. Evacuate the personnel in a timely manner if there is any abnormality.

8. The grouting pump and grouting pipeline are firmly connected, and all personnel must not face the sealed orifice.

9. If the grout pump is abnormal, power off while processing the grout pump.

10. Install water meter in flow hole (not less than 20 mpa).

11. Maintenance period is not less than 20 days. After the maintenance period is over, you can close the ball valve without any problems.

The above are the matters needing attention in the grouting operation. If you want to know more about grouting, you can log in to the official website of Zhongqiang Mine to understand: wmcoc.com

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