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Gas water separator installation precautions

Time: 2019-04-29 Browsing: 527 times
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Gas-water separator is a kind of equipment used in industry. As the name suggests, it can separate gas and liquid. In order to let everyone know more about gas-water separator. Today, we invited the staff of Zhongqiang Mine to tell us about the precautions for the installation of gas-water separators.


Check that the installation location matches the flow direction of the medium and make sure it is installed in the direction of the arrow on the housing.

Install the drain outlet vertically on the horizontal pipe to ensure that the separated liquid is smoothly discharged.

The upper end of the filter has a lifting ring that can be suspended and installed to reduce the negative pressure of the pipeline equipment.

During normal operation, the ball valve opens.

Connect the automatic drain valve under the ball valve. Check whether the float of the blowdown valve is reset during normal operation. In normal operation, the float should be located at the lower end of the drain valve.

Set bypass and inlet and outlet shut-off valves so that maintenance will not affect production.

When a new pipeline is started or the pipeline is stopped for a long time, isolate the equipment and clean the pipeline before starting the equipment.

The above are the aspects to pay attention to when installing the gas-water separator , so we should pay attention to its details when installing, so that its installation is more secure. If you want to learn more about the news of the gas-water separator, Welcome to our company for inquiries, or you can visit our official website: wmcoc.com

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