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What are the characteristics of mining hole sealer?

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What are the characteristics of mining hole sealer?

Detailed description

Mine sealing device is a mining equipment used for drilling and plugging of coal seams. At present, it is widely used in the mining industry, such as pressure measurement drilling of coal seams, upward drilling of rock lanes, and downward drilling, as well as gas drainage and plugging of various drillings such as drilling of this coal seam. This has a very important role in the safety of mine workers in the mining industry.


Mine sealing device is mainly composed of grouting pipe and returning pipe, mining hole sealing device, six-pipe pressure head and blast valve, check valve, plug and other parts. The hole sealer is to connect the grouting tube of the product with the grouting pump, and then the slurry sealed by the grouting pump into the grouting tube and the expansion bag, so that the bag is rapidly expanded, and the outer layer of the bag is tight. It is firmly fixed on the inner wall of the coal seam hole, so that the inner layer is tightly fixed on the outer diameter of the extraction pipe. In this way, the two-seal of the sealer is achieved. When the pressure in the sealer reaches a certain value, the blasting valve starts to burst. At this time, the slurry fills the middle part of the two wrapped bags to achieve a multi-layer seal. When the grouting is completely solidified, gas drainage is performed through the gas drainage pipe.

Knowing the principle of the mine hole sealer , let us understand what are the characteristics of the mine hole sealer?

(1) Sealing automation of mining hole sealer. After the mine hole sealer is fed into the borehole, generally only the grouting needs to be started to realize the automatic hole sealing of the entire borehole. The use of the mine hole sealer can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the staff and improve the work efficiency.

(2) Active support. After the grouting hole sealer is used for grouting, the wrapping bag can form a very good support for the borehole, so that a high stress area can be formed around the borehole of the plugging section. This can prevent the situation where cracks continue to be created after sealing and the situation of forming air leakage channels.


(3) After the pressure grouting is pressurized with a mine hole sealer, when the grouting pressure reaches a certain value, the hydraulic pressure of the grout can enter the cracks in the borehole wall, so that the cracks around the borehole can be closed, thereby reducing the permeability. The effect can also block the initial leak channel.

(4) The length of the mining hole sealer can be adjusted. The length of the mining hole sealer can be customized according to the actual application. Very convenient for construction personnel to operate.

(5) The technology of mining hole sealer is very advanced. At present, the “two plugs and one injection” pressure sealing grouting process is generally used, the technology is very advanced, and the sealing effect is better.


The invention of the mining hole sealer has helped the mining industry. Henan Zhongqiang Mining Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a mining equipment enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. We regard quality as life, and always follow the quality policy of being responsible for each process, being responsible for each product, being responsible for each user, and serving our customers wholeheartedly! If you need to know more about mining equipment, please log in to our official website: wmcoc.com

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