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Precautions for Mine Sealer

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Precautions for Mine Sealer

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Among major mining companies, mining hole sealers are the products in the mining equipment list. During the use of grouting hole sealer, in order to ensure construction safety, pay attention to the following precautions!

First, the sealed cement should not be placed in a place where there is water, and when the cement is stacked, it must be padded with wooden boards below.

2. In order to prevent the sack from breaking, you need to pay attention to three aspects.

1. Before quit drilling, be sure to carry out empty drill slag discharge for more than 15 minutes.

2. After the drill is withdrawn, the 30-meter long pressure air pipe must be penetrated in time to flush the slag in the hole.

3. After the hole-sealing pipe must be in place, the next hole will be drilled.

3. After opening the hole sealer, be sure to check whether the pouch is damaged, and whether the hose clamp is tight, whether the blasting valve is intact, and pay attention to check whether the plug of the grouting tube is blocked.

Fourth, the mining hole sealer is tied to the hole-sealing pipe, and it must be stringed into the borehole. In this operation, the end of the inner pouch needs to be tied to 1.5 meters of the seventh canal, and the end of the outer pouch needs to be tied to 2.6 meters of the first canal. The front end of the pouch needs to be fastened with iron wire. The iron wire head must be turned inward, and then tied with tie wrap. The pouch must be protected by weaving to prevent it from being punctured when it is supported. In addition, the end of the bag Also, tie it tightly with tape to prevent slipping.


Fifth, after connecting the air source, pay attention to check whether the grouting pump is intact and adjust the pressure of the inlet air.

6. The ratio of water and ash should be strictly controlled at a ratio of 1: 1. Add water to the mark 1 in the bucket each time, and then mix with 2 bags of material, but note that you cannot add more and more at one time.

7. Grouting pressure gauge. When checking whether the grouting pressure gauge is intact, the opening pressure gauge of the blasting valve should be between 1.3 MPa and 1.5 MPa, and continue to grout until the grouting pump stops. The value of the pressure gauge of the terminal hole is generally between 1.6 MPa and 2.0 MPa. This indicates that the plugging was successful. If it fails to reach this range, the cause must be checked and reported.

Eighth, during the grouting process, the probe should be inserted into the hole as a hole to assist in observing whether there is any leaking equipment.

9. After the sealing is finished, the grouting bucket must be cleaned. Specifically, it refers to adding fresh water into the mixing tank, then starting the pump, and then opening the pressure relief valve until the water is discharged from the slurry outlet and the pressure relief valve. Also clean the mixing bucket, open the plug at the bottom, and clean the bucket with a water pipe.

X. The grid pre-drawing can be performed 24 hours after the hole is sealed.

The above are the precautions for using grouting plugging device. Choosing a hole sealer also selects the company's product. Henan Zhongqiang Mining Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on various mining equipment. If you need detailed information, please visit our company's official website: wmcoc.com

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