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Brief introduction of gas-water separator in the list of mining equipment

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Brief introduction of gas-water separator in the list of mining equipment

Detailed description

In the list of mining equipment , there is a device called a gas-water separator, or a steam-water separator. This product is a gas-water separation filter, which is composed of the inlet, the cylinder, the filter element connection, and the filter element, as well as the seal and valve connection, the outlet pipe, the drain and the pressure gauge.

How does it work?

Due to the difference in the density of the gas and the liquid, when the liquid flows with the gas, it encounters the screen, just like sieving. The gas passes through, but the liquid is blocked on the screen. At the same time, the gravity Effect, the gas still flows in the original direction, and the liquid positive pressure automatic water drainer flows to the bottom of the separator, which means that the liquid and the gas have a tendency to separate in the gravity factor, and the downward liquid will adhere to the wall After being put together, it is discharged through the discharge pipe.


The gas-water separator is generally applicable to the mine's compressed air pipelines. It can separate gas, liquid, impurities, and remove the droplets in the steam or compressed air system. It can also use solid particles to separate gas, or gas-liquid of various gases Separation. It can well separate the moisture and impurities in the compressed air duct and help purify the gas. It can also be used in conjunction with the compressed air self-rescue device, which can provide a more pure compressed air and provide the life of other compressed air pneumatic tools in the mine.

The above is the introduction of the gas-water separator products in the list of mining equipment . Select mining equipment, please choose the appropriate production company. Henan Zhongqiang Mining Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. mainly researches, develops, produces and sells various mining equipment. If you need more information about mining equipment, please visit our website: wmcoc.com

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