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How to make a list of mining equipment?

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How to make a list of mining equipment?

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Have a plan before doing anything, so that things can be developed step by step assured. Mining companies are no exception. Entrepreneurs who are preparing to start mining, they must purchase various equipment and instruments before starting, and make a list of mining equipment before purchasing. Today, I will give you a detailed list of the list of mining equipment .

Water Drainer: It is a very important automatic waterproof device in coal mine gas drainage system. It is more suitable for equipment used in gas drainage or automatic waterproofing by using the pipeline of the system. Generally installed in the low-lying part of the pipeline.


Mine Sealer: This is also a common equipment in the mining equipment list . This is used for plugging when drilling coal seams. Such as coal seam pressure measurement drilling, rock lane up, down drilling, corrugated drilling and other gas sampling plugging equipment.

Mine wet-type orifice dust removal device: mainly to reduce dust pollution and improve workers' environment and work efficiency.

Gas pipeline slag remover: This is a slag discharge device installed on the gas drainage pipeline. This device is mainly to protect the safety of gas equipment.

Gas-water separator: This product is mainly used in industrial liquid-containing systems to separate gas and liquid.

In addition to the above centralized equipment, there are mining shoe washing machines, orifice flow meters, fully automatic self-flushing water filters, detection monitoring, drainage pipe fittings, gas drainage diversion pipes, check valves, etc. device. These are the products that often appear in the mining equipment list. Henan Zhongqiang Mining Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces a variety of mining equipment and provides high-quality equipment support for the coal mine's one-through and three-proof work. If you need more information about the product, please log in to our company's website: www.zqkskj. com

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