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What are the characteristics of mining hole sealer?

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What are the characteristics of mining hole sealer?

Detailed description

Mine hole sealer is a common name in the list of mining equipment. This is because, in the mining work, the use rate of the mine hole sealer is high. It is mainly used for coal seam borehole plugging, such as coal seam pressure drill Holes, drill holes on rock lanes, drill holes below, and drill holes in this coal seam. So today, let ’s analyze what are the product characteristics of mining hole sealers?


1. Sealing automation. The hole sealer is fed into the hole, and only the grouting can be started to realize the automatic hole sealing of the whole hole, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency.

2. Active support. After the grouting, the pouch can effectively support the borehole, so that a high stress area is formed around the borehole of the sealing section, and continuous cracks can be created after the hole is sealed to form an air leakage channel.


3. Pressure grouting. The pressurized grouting pressure reaches 3.0 trillion torr, which can make the hydraulic pressure of the grout enter the borehole wall cracks, seal the cracks around the borehole, reduce its permeability, and play a role in blocking the initial leaking channel.

4. Adjustable length. The length of the sealer can be customized according to the actual length of the borehole downhole.

5. Advanced technology. "Two plugs and one injection" with pressure grouting sealing technology, advanced technology, good sealing effect.

The above is an analysis of the product characteristics of mining hole sealers . High-quality products are produced by regular and competent manufacturers. Henan Zhongqiang Mining Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional and powerful enterprise. The main research and development production and sales of various types of mining equipment. If you need to know more product information, please visit our official website: wmcoc.com

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