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What does a hole sealer do?

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What does a hole sealer do?

Detailed description

     是一种比较常见的矿山开采需要用到的机械设备,但是封孔器根据其用途,功能,特点不同,也分为很多种,比较常见的就是河南中强矿山科技设备有限公司生产的矿用封孔器。 Sealers are a relatively common type of machinery and equipment used in mining, but they are divided into many types according to their uses, functions, and characteristics. The more common one is Henan Zhongqiang Mining Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. Mining hole sealer. So what are the functions and characteristics of mining hole sealers? Next, Zhongqiang Mine, as a professional mining hole sealer manufacturer, will simply popularize it for everyone!


产品用途: Product usage of mining hole sealer :

矿用封孔器, 主要 应用于煤层钻孔封堵, 譬如 岩巷上行钻孔 煤层测压钻孔、下行钻孔、本煤层钻孔等各种钻孔的瓦斯抽采封堵 The mine hole sealer produced by Zhongqiang Mine is mainly used for coal seam borehole plugging, such as gas drainage in various upward boreholes in rock lanes , pressure boreholes in coal seams, downward boreholes, and local coal seam boreholes Blocking

工作原理: Working principle of mining hole sealer :

将产品的注浆管和注浆泵连接,封孔浆料由注浆泵进入注浆管和膨胀囊袋,囊袋那事膨胀,外壁与煤孔相密封;当注浆压力达到 0.6Mpa 1.2Mpa 时:中间两爆破阀相继爆破。 Mine plugging device can connect the grouting tube and grouting pump of the product. When the slurry pressure reaches 0.6Mpa and 1.2Mpa : the two blasting valves in the middle successively blast. The sealing liquid plugs the coal holes and intermediate cracks, and connects the gas drainage pipeline through a gas injection pipe to discharge gas.

产品特点: Product Features of Mine Sealer :

压力注浆。 1. Pressure grouting. 3.0 兆岶,能使浆液压入钻孔壁裂隙,封闭钻孔周围裂隙,降低其渗透性,起到封堵初期漏气通道的作用。 The pressurized grouting pressure reaches 3.0 trillion torr, which can make the hydraulic pressure of the grout enter the borehole wall cracks, seal the cracks around the borehole, reduce its permeability, and play a role in blocking the initial leaking channel.

长度可调。 2. Adjustable length. The length of the sealer can be customized according to the actual length of the borehole downhole.

工艺先进。 3. Advanced technology.两堵一注 带压注浆封孔工艺,技术先进,封孔效果好。 " Two plugs and one injection " with pressure grouting sealing technology, advanced technology, good sealing effect.

封孔自动化。 4. Sealing automation. The hole sealer is fed into the hole, and only the grouting can be started to realize the automatic hole sealing of the whole hole, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency.

主动支护。 5. Active support. After the grouting, the pouch can effectively support the borehole, so that a high stress area is formed around the borehole of the sealing section, and continuous cracks can be created after the hole is sealed to form an air leakage channel.


http://wmcoc.com Of course, there are many uses for mining hole sealers that we do n’t know. If you want to know more, you can log in to our official website, and we will regularly update you with more information about the characteristics of mining hole sealers, details Know: http://wmcoc.com

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