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What is the working principle of mining hole sealer?

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We all know that mine hole sealers are mainly used for coal seam borehole plugging. Common coal seam pressure measurement drill holes, rock lane upward drilling holes, downward drilling holes, and local coal seam drilling holes are common. Henan Zhongqiang Mining Technology Equipment Co., Ltd.'s main supply customer group is also used in this way. But they are often a little curious about its working principle. Today, according to the working principle of mining hole sealer, Zhongqiang made the following analysis, I hope everyone will have an epiphany after watching it again!



In fact, the working principle of mining hole sealer is very simple. The grouting tube of the mine hole sealer is connected with the grouting pump. The slurry quickly enters the two sacks due to the grouting pressure, which causes it to expand rapidly, so that the outer layer of the sack is fastened to the inner wall of the coal seam hole and the inner layer is fastened The outer diameter of the pumping pipe is used to seal the two ends of the sealer. When the pressure value reaches a certain value, the blasting valve starts to blast, and the slurry fills the middle of the two sacs to achieve a multi-layer pressure-type seal. After the slurry is completely solidified, gas drainage is performed through a gas drainage pipe. In this way, this is the working principle of mining hole sealer.


In fact, many times, we just need to learn how to operate, we can understand or not understand its working principle, but it will be better to understand it, knowing why it is! When buying a hole sealer for mining, choose a strong mine. Because of its professionalism, the product quality is reliable and the sales service keeps up. http://wmcoc.com ,我们会为您陆续提供更多专业知识,希望对您能有所帮助! If you want to know more about the professional knowledge of mining hole sealer, welcome to consult: http://wmcoc.com , we will provide you with more professional knowledge in succession, and hope to help you!

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