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High-quality sealing materials cannot be separated from technological innovation!

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As we all know, seeking innovation is seeking the future. Innovation has always been an important force to promote the development of a country, a nation, and an enterprise. After ten years of technological innovation, Zhongqiang Mining Technology has successfully created a series of unique mining products such as hydraulic punching equipment, sealing materials , sealing equipment, grouting pumps and so on. Among them, sealing material is an indispensable important material in gas drainage drilling.

Sealing material

In the past, in order to reduce the cost of sealing holes, coal mines chose to use low-cost materials such as cement and yellow sand to block gas drainage holes. Due to poor material toughness and weak compression resistance, problems such as cracking of sealing holes and gas leakage are easy to occur. Even more serious consequences can cause environmental pollution. In order to change the backward situation of mining production materials, the R & D team of Zhongqiang Mining Technology is committed to the R & D concept of “Science and Technology Innovation Empowers the Future” and is not afraid of difficulties to develop PD series sealing materials. This series of sealing materials has high fluidity and strong permeability in the early stage, and can quickly penetrate into the cracks around the borehole wall to achieve plugging; and its own low reaction temperature, fast solidification time and high expansion rate, so it has strong sealing performance. Because this series of products are made of advanced polymer materials, the drilling drainage flow rate is significantly improved compared to traditional materials, and the average concentration of drilling gas drainage is 30% higher than that of polyurethane.

PD series sealing materials can be divided into four types according to the scope of use of different drilling holes: PD-I, PD-II, PD-II, PD-IV, etc., which can be used to seal gas pressure measuring holes and gas extraction holes. , Sealing of water injection holes in coal seams, sealing of high pressure hydraulically induced cracks, sealing of blasting holes and other fields. At present, this series of sealing materials have been used in the production of dozens of well-known coal mines in China. PD-II and PD-IV sealing materials are widely used and are more welcomed by customers.

Facing the future, Zhongqiang Mining Technology will increase investment in research and development and independent innovation capabilities, continually overcome core technologies, solve technological innovation problems, develop more high-tech mining products, and contribute to the safety innovation of coal mines. Learn more: http://wmcoc.com

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